BlackBerry - Hidden Menus & Functions

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List of hidden menus and functions available on most BlackBerry devices. Some of these require the ALT key held down, then type in the letters after the + sign to apply.

BlackBerry Address Book:
ALT + vald - Validate data structure and inconsistencies check
ALT + rbld - Force data structures to rebuild

ALT + rbvs - View a web pages source code

BlackBerry Calendar:
Open an Calendar item, then:
ALT + view - Shows extra info for a Calendar event

BlackBerry Messaging:
ALT + view - Shows RefId and FolderId for the message. For PIM items, displays the RefId.

Search Application:
ALT + advm - Enables advanced global search

WLAN Wizard Screen:
ALT + smon wlan - Enable simulated Wizard mode
ALT + smof wlan - Disable simulated Wizard mode

Theme Menu:
ALT + thmn - Change to no theme
ALT + thmd - Change to the default theme

Date/Time Menu (Just type this in):
lolo - Show network time values

Options/Status (Just type these in):
buyr - Data & voice usage
test - Start a hardware test program

Options/Advanced/SIM card (Just type these in):

mepd - Display mep info
mep1 - Disable sim personalization
mep2 - Disable network personalization
mep3 - Disable network subset personalization
mep4 - Disable service provider personalization
mep5 - Disable corporate personalization

Option Codes. For these, go into the Options menu and type the following:

sync - Enables calendar slow sync
rset - Will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the BES
rcfg - Requests BES config
scfg - Send device configuration
dcfg - Shows CICAL configuration
supd - Enable detailed Cal. report for backup
sups - Disable detailed Cal. report for backup
supn - Disable Cal. report database
luid - Enable UID view
srsl - Shows reminder status log

Home Screen Codes. For these, hold down the ALT key and type these in:

ALT + jkvv - Display cause of PDP reject
ALT + escr - Displays the Help Me screen
ALT + nmll - Switches signal strength bars to numeric
ALT + lglg - Shows the Java event log

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