Stepmania v3.0 - Charmy's

Suggested by: Frosty555 18 Nov 2004 Print version

(This easter egg is easier to get if you go into the Machine Options and set the judging difficulty to 1)

1. Start the game, pick a song on heavy with more then 150 steps.
2. While playing, get more then 150 perfects in a row

The Dance Dance Revolution character Charmy will slide in from the right and say "Toasty!!", then slide back out to the left.

* NOTE: On Stepmania v3.9 and higher, this easter egg can be turned off in the options, and also can only be achieved by getting 250 perfects in a row.

* If you get a great anywhere in the stream, the easter egg will not occur even though your combo continues to increase.

* The "Toasty" sound effect and Charmy graphic can be replaced by other graphics/sounds if you use a different theme. For best results use the DEFAULT Stepmania Theme.

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