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Eggheaven's top-picks Gadget Gifts Under $50. Prices are correct at the time of publication.

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Infinite Image Portrait Puzzle

The Infinite Image Portrait Puzzle. Unique puzzle set that uses a software program to generate symbols and colors from any picture you load in. You then match these symbols to those on the reverse of the puzzle pieces to create the image you uploaded. The software can print a thumbnail image of the final portrait to help construction. Makes a great surprise gift from your custom puzzle designs. For Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Mac. Ages 8 and up. 8" H x 16" W x 2" D.

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Terminator Endoskeleton Figure

Terminator Endoskeleton 18" Figure. An 18" model of the Terminator T-800 made from rubbery, flexible silver plastic. Looks stunning on a computer table or desk with the eyes of robotic red evil. The model can pose at any angle with movable joints at every junction. Also includes rifle and a second right hand that can be swapped out. Ideal for all ages and especially sci-fi movie fans.

$49.99 from ThinkGeek

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Circuitboard Business Card Case

Circuitboard Business Card Case. An impressionable item to show your technical sophistication. This business card holder can also hold other small document items. Each issue is completely unique with different circuits and shades. Holds 10-15 items, is small enough for the pocket/case/bag and is comfortable to hold. Dimensions: (2 1/4" x 3 5/8")

$28.99 from ThinkGeek

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lightning Storm Globes

Desktop Lightning Storm Globes. As used in the movie Star Trek First Contact, these luminglas lightning globes respond to sound or touch to give spectacular arrays of lightning-style light. Turn off the lights and experience a dance of super-energy reflecting around the room. A great gadget gift for a desk or in the bedroom. Comes in blue, or an alien looking white. Supplied with a desk stand.

$39.99 from ThinkGeek

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Mind Hacks Book

Book: Mind Hacks. Mind Hacks is a collection of probes into the moment-by-moment workings of the brain. Learn tricks and tips on vision, motor skills and more. Among 100 hacks featured include:
* See movement when all is still
* Detect sounds on the margins of certainty
* Boost memory by using context, and other fascinating hacks...

$24.95 from ThinkGeek

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Personal Picture Puzzle

Personalized Photo Puzzle. This custom jigsaw puzzle comes personalized with a reproduction of a personal photograph. Simply send in your photo or as a JPEG image to the manufacturer (mailing instructions are included) and a 408-piece jigsaw puzzle kit is created from 80-point pasted chipboard that is twice the thickness of typical puzzles. The puzzle kit arrives gift boxed. Makes a great gift anytime.

$39.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer  [Free shipping on orders $99+ Use code: HSFREE]

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iPone Desktop Charger

Phone/PDS Desktop Chargers. No need to fiddle around with wires and charging devices when you can use a sleek Desktop Charger cradle for your Phone or PDA. The item featured here is for the Apple iPhone and conveniently synchronize and change your phones battery via the supplied USB cable and power lead simultaneously.

$29.99 from AccessoryGeeks

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