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HP Photosmart 8250 - Service Menu Access

Suggested by: jerry-va, 15 Oct 2011 | Print version

Hewlett Packard introduced the HP Photosmart 8250 as a versatile photo printer in 2005. There is a hidden option menu in this model. This can also be found on the HP Photosmart 8450 model. Follow these instructions to access the Service Menus on both these printers.

8250: Press CANCEL and LEFT photo SELECT simultaneously.
8450: Press CANCEL and SAVE simultaneously (SAVE is on the left near POWER).

Some Service Menu items will require 'magic keys' to select; for others, just press OK. The magic key could be 123 on some versions.

Known 8450 Menu Options:

Codes/Errors (Firmware #, last error)

* Test the display
* Test the lights
* Test the buttons
* Duplex Demo (will print 2 sheets)
* Infinite Hs test
* Infinite color H's test
* Pen Recovery Level 1, 2, 3
* Skew page
* Theta Z pen alignment
* Continuous pick/kick normal
* Printer usage page
* Dot count / Raw ink page

* Customer Diagnostic Page
* Pen Electrical Test 1,2,3

* Service Station Diagnostic 1

The Pen Recovery Level 1 clears cartridge errors and permits you to print the TEST PAGE with the normal MENU / TOOLS / PRINT TEST PAGE choice.

Post your findings in the comments section below if you find other hidden options within these printers.

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You can also access the Manufacturer Service Menu by: Press and Hold CANCEL + RIGHT ARROW (Select Photos). -- Matt, Jan 15 2012 1:04PM

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