Sony Ericsson K750i - Hidden Test Menu

Suggested by: Joshua Barney 10 Feb 2009 Print version

Get your Sony Ericsson k750i to the Desktop (where the time, background, date, battery power, etc are shown) and press:


If you have default shortcuts, then this takes you on to the calender, but carry on. The result is a secret menu where you can carry out tests on your phone, and check the clock is accurate.

On the service menu select Service Info > Model Info, to see a pop up with the phone model, while the model is on screen press the keys 2, 4, 6, 8 in this sequence to see a message placed there by the developers.

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It works with G502. If you go to service info, phone name, then type 2,4,6,8... SONY ERICSSON ROCKS Don - Jun 10 2010 9:32PM

works on z7701 ms. picky - Jun 10 2010 8:14PM

It works also with the SE Aino U10i juize123 - Mar 8 2010 9:48AM

guys it works on w705 as well ... gr8 way to check da status of fone ...thnx herat panchal - Jan 31 2010 8:04AM

A more "easter eggy" thing is, if you go to service info, phone name, then type 2,4,6,8 you get a little message from the sony ericsson team SifJar - Jul 16 2009 3:41PM

Works with K850 GREEN - May 14 2009 4:12PM

It's a meno from the old ericcson days, first time I incountered this menu was on an old GH320 notice the name ERICCSON this was back in 1997 oage - May 2 2009 1:54PM

Works fine on the W910i too. Winner - Jan 28 2009 9:10AM

Works fine with c702 Colin - Nov 14 2008 6:39AM

Works voor c902 Jeuns - Oct 9 2008 2:56PM

k800i works fine on it eko - Sep 21 2008 11:16AM

This works on all Ericsson phones. Have done for ages... It's their service menu. I use it all the time. Good for fixing low resolution kax - Apr 16 2008 9:37AM

Works on my V630i too. I had a similar menu on my old phone, a sagem myx3. have been looking for a test menu on my sony ericcson one for ages. olipod - Mar 24 2008 2:10PM

k550i too alderton4 - Feb 9 2008 10:33AM

This probably works on every SonyEricsson. Works on T300, K500i, K510i, etc. yeti_is_alive - Dec 4 2007 10:11AM

also works on the z550i cheers StickZ - Oct 12 2007 1:14PM

k800i also worked :) epw - Sep 9 2007 7:07PM

It should use on every SonyEricsson phone. Tried it on T610, T630, K750i and a phew other ones. Nescio - Sep 6 2007 2:53AM

K810i also... jefvhal - Sep 3 2007 12:51PM

Cool feature! It also works on the W880i. FFWD - Sep 3 2007 12:20PM

Works for K300i too. Nice egg! sanoj15 - Sep 2 2007 8:10AM

> means move the joystick in that direction Steve - Aug 29 2007 8:35AM

Maybe a 'stupid' question but how to I enter the '>' symbol on the desktop? JWS - Aug 29 2007 3:51AM

im pretty sure this will work on all sony ericssons because my friend tried it on his w800i and i on my own k510i and both worked successfully nick - Jul 13 2007 4:50AM

has anyone found a way to unlock the Sony Ericsson W200? Steve - Jul 10 2007 3:16PM

this works on most sony ericson models prasadsvsv - Jul 8 2007 4:42PM

Works on k700i as well. The colour test is quite cool. Helena - Jun 25 2007 11:27AM

nice works on my w600i too j - Jun 14 2007 10:14AM

Worked for me ... very cool. Guess you could unlock your phone if it was locked in this menu? AiBo - Jun 9 2007 6:14PM

Also works with ya mam Hello - May 25 2007 7:38AM

not with z3001 sanne - May 8 2007 4:05AM

It works on K500i iftitaj - May 6 2007 3:22AM

Works with W810i Chris Hall - Apr 30 2007 10:57AM

also works with w300i im cool - Apr 28 2007 5:19PM

also works with w800i Blade - Apr 28 2007 6:55AM