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Sagem myX-2 - Hidden Menu Options

Suggested by: Charley D, 23 Feb 2009 | Print version

The Sagem myX-2 mobile phone has some hidden options and device info.

When in the main menu, simply press * to access the hidden menu. Options and information here include:

Battery Voltage
Built in Application Versions
LCD Tests
SIM Lock

LCD Tester:

These option are used to test on-screen colors.

Red Screen - Show the screen as red.
Green Screen - Show the screen as green.
Blue Screen - Show the screen as blue.


Photo - Displays a grid patten displaying all colors the screen can manage.

Vibrate - Manually vibrates the phone.

Sim Lock - Password lock the sim card. Default password is: 35227500345365-3


Battery Status - Output info in volts (V).

Version - Shows applications version information.

PROM - Displays the IMEI info.

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