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Motorola FONE F3 - Undocumented Option Codes

Suggested by: Anon, 23 Feb 2009 | Print version

The Motorola FONE F3 is a special phone by virtue of its 'electronic paper' display allowing the power usage to be very low. This phone is also known as MOTOFONE.

These undocumented codes *may* cause problems with the SIM address book which have been know to be loss of data.
Some codes are country and or network dependent so some may not work.

Code Numbers:

111 - Display total time of accepted incoming calls
121 - Display total time of outgoing calls
130|131 - Minute reminder beep ON/OFF
400|401 - Display cell information ON/OFF
402 - Lists available networks with an option to change to other networks
480 - Display network currently receiving service from
481 - Display list of networks within receiver range
643 - View and Edit a Service Center Number (SMS Service)
700 - Delete all the stored messages
701 - Enter SMS prepay query code (not known what this means)
743 - How long an SMS is offered/will be tried to deliver (not known what this means)

When using code 130 to turn ON the Minute Reminder Beep feature, the phone will beep every one minute during a call.

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