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Sony Ericsson Phones - Hidden SMS Icon Set

Suggested by: Casper, 25 Apr 2009 | Print version

Many of the Sony Ericsson phones have a hidden built-in smiley icon set for use with sending SMS messages an owner of this phone may not be fully aware of.

Try these:

:-* Smiley kiss
:-] Large smile
:-[ Large frown
[:] Box smiley

Those are known to work OK, but there may be others.

See also: Sony Ericsson upgrades & accessories

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only :-] worked for u10i (aino) and it looks just like the regular :-) -- yoshi, Dec 10 2009 7:15AM

yes, it wokrs on K300i -- Forseti, Sep 23 2009 3:02PM

I confirm all working (SE W200i). Nice! -- quezak, Sep 6 2009 11:02AM

Only one of them works on my Sony Ericsson M600i and it isn't even secret because it's in the smiley selection menu. -- emcc, Jun 13 2009 5:33AM

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