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HTC Diamond Phones - Diamond Bootloader

Suggested by: GreyAi, 15 Oct 2009 | Print version

The view your Diamond phone bootloader information do the following. There are several variation on this procedure but this one is most likely to succeed.

Note this should work on most of the HTC Diamond range - tried this on the Diamond 2 and HTC Diamond (1) models.

1. Turn on device
2. Wait for the initial vibration
3. Reset with the stylus - reset hole is under the battery or in the stylus holder
4. Within 3 SECONDS press and hold the volume down button
5. When you see the tricolor screen, release the volume button

To exit the Diamond bootloader:

1. Soft reset the device using the stylus

A one-stop method to access the bootloader is to press the volume down button and soft reset simultaneously. This procedure doesn't always work though.

For info on HTC diamond hacks, see the XDA link below.

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