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HTC HD2 - Field Test Mode

Suggested by: Peter, 06 Jul 2010 | Print version

There is a telephony services application found on the HTC HD2 that proves very useful for technical analysis for engineers, students or the curious like me.

2 Ways To Access:

Dial Code: *#*#364#*#*

Run From: Windows / FieldTest.exe

Information areas provided by this application include:

GSM data
AMR data
GPRS / E-GPRS data
3G Reselection Parameters
2G Reselection Parameters
3G Reselection Status
2G Reselection Status
WCDMA data
Layer 3 RRC Signaling
PRACH/RACH information
3G DCH Status
3G NEIGHBOR List Status
3G BLER Status
3G Downlink Transport Format
3G Uplink Transport Format
3G DL RLC AM Status
3G UL RLC AM Status
3G AGC Status
3G Reselection Event
3G Downlink Transport Format

A total of 21 data sections.

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Thank you! I'm trying to set up a signal booster and this is very helpful. -- Bruce Strickland, Mar 6 2012 11:55AM

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