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Some Cell Phones - Menus & Network Monitors

Suggested by: Garfac, 21 Aug 2010 | Print version

On some cellular phones and networks, dialing this sequence: ##786# or *#786# can give you access to some hidden menus or will start a network monitor application. If this does indeed work for your phone, add your findings to the comments below with the model of phone and network you're seeing this with.

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*#52828378# enter this code then secret menu open then go to ota type setting increase maximum jar size limit and install any jar above 300kb. -- tipofday, Jan 12 2012 9:59AM

*#123# this works in all samgsung mobs. -- Eddy, Apr 9 2011 11:01AM

The ##786# worked on my Samsung instinct s30 (sph m810.05) it brings me to rtn view reset screen. This screen provides all info on the phone etc. -- J DIZZLE, Mar 16 2011 11:11PM

This appears to be either an invalid entry or a format sequence. By format sequence I mean formatting your phone's internal memory. I'm not quite sure this is legit. -- Joey Sumanski, Nov 25 2010 10:19PM

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