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Suggested by: Souvik, 23 Dec 2006 | Print version

1. Go Google search and select the language tool on the right of the search bar: [].
2. Translate this - 'The Girl's mom is very nice' from English to Spanish.
3. Copy the translated text and translate it back from Spanish to English.
4. See what you get!

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"Mamá" in Spanish is slang for "mother." "Mama" without the accent on the A is English slang for "mother," but in Spanish, "mama" means "suck" or "breast." This is related to similar English words such as "mammary" or "mammal." This is why the accent is important to tell the two words apart! If you do not translate it including the accent, you will get, "The breasts of the girl are very pleasant." Sorry to spoil the fun, but that's the explanation. -- HereWeGoAgain, Mar 11 2008 2:59PM

haha, proves google does have a sense of humour. Breast are very nice!! -- atomic lard, Jan 7 2008 1:11PM

i got La mamá de la niña es muy bonita which came out as "The mother of the girl is very pretty" what's the big deal -- what, Dec 30 2007 6:19PM

Try it with "Monica's mama is very beutiful." -- funnywiki, Sep 10 2007 1:40PM

"La mamá de la muchacha es muy agradable" => change it to "La mama de la muchacha es muy agradable" And translate it back to English. Hope you enjoy this !!! -- Hookeba, Sep 10 2007 9:58AM

Haha nice. Yes follow wut NICK said you have to do that to make it work. -- batman, Sep 3 2007 12:26AM

you have to change the a with the thing over it to a regular a when translating it back -- Nick, Aug 29 2007 10:48PM

it is not working "La mamá de la muchacha es muy agradable" "The mother of the girl is very pleasant" nothing else fusse. . . . -- kishor patil, dharmabad, Aug 29 2007 9:48PM

Don't work. I agree with bob -- Mayo, Jun 10 2007 9:31AM

What does "translate blue" mean, anyway? -- Johnny, May 15 2007 6:41PM

Doesn't work. Just says the mother of the girl is very pleasant. -- Bob, Apr 9 2007 7:48AM

ITS NOT A PICTURE ITS JUST SWITCHED TO THE WORDS 'The mother of the girl is very pleasant'. -- Bob, Apr 3 2007 1:44PM

Works on some regional google's. -- Jak, Jan 18 2007 4:38AM

Is this like the "Monica's mama is very beautiful" one?... that was just a mistake caused by English slang. -- Blah, Jan 16 2007 9:03PM

Yeah, doesn't work for me either. -- Shamrock, Jan 16 2007 10:52AM

The mother of the girl is very pleasant. That's what it comes out to. -- bob, Jan 16 2007 8:43AM

Does not work for me, I tried. Heck if some one could e-mail the picture (?) to me at The_Messanger_of_Doom AT hush DOT com it would be very nice :). -- DETH_GRIP, Jan 11 2007 12:11AM

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