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Windows XP - Microsoft Sam Hates Health Food

Suggested by: ColonD, 20 Sep 2006 | Print version

1. Go to your "Control Panel"
2. Now select "Speech"
3. There should be a "Text to Speech" tab -> Select it
4. Pick Microsoft Sam as your default computer voice
5. Type in "soy" and here him scream "SOY!!!!!" in a low, distorted voice.

Try "Crotch". He says "Crows Nest". Try this: Type "There is no soy on my crotch"

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type oooooooooooooooooooooooo a bunch of times and it sounds like a gun firing, if you have it on normal it sounds kinda si-fi ish and slow sounds like a plane -- Calvin Bullock, Apr 22 2009 3:39PM

put in poetry its so funny -- cal, Mar 5 2009 11:35AM

He's demon posessed. -- Aerii, Oct 23 2008 1:15PM

Type in Egg and set it reaaly slow, egg sounds really wierd -- Fungal Ambassador, Mar 12 2008 5:34PM

type in butthead... and it says buttnet -- kng, Jan 25 2008 1:45PM

It works with "soi", too. -- someone, Jan 24 2008 10:40AM

He's actually a singer with his own band: (Microsoft Sam sings about Windows XP) :-) -- Donald, Nov 6 2007 1:26PM

try typing in soooooooooooooooooo it sounds wierd -- bob, Aug 29 2007 1:50PM

if you put it on lh michelle voice it sounds like lisa simpson! LOL -- lozy, Jul 13 2007 1:27PM

ha! thats well funny. type in shower on the moon and it sounds like a song. -- doctor, Jun 27 2007 2:39PM

if you say shoy, it actually sounds like soy -- dan, Jun 27 2007 11:15AM

HAHA, that's awesome, crows nest WTF? Change the voice speed to the slowest setting and have him say soy, it give it this metallic sifi sound, really weird. Type soy a bunch of times and set the voice speed to the fastest setting, it sounds like a helicopter. -- James, May 7 2007 6:13PM

"Soi" works as well. That's how I discovered it. LOL :-) -- Johnny, May 3 2007 9:23PM

The 'soy' sound is creepy. -- Alex, Apr 28 2007 9:53PM

But he will say "Crotchsoy" if you type it in -- Dan, Apr 23 2007 10:25PM

That was pretty funny -- Andee, Mar 21 2007 11:01AM

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