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Egg Face

By Brendon | Aug 01, 2006

When Lighting Mcqueen falls out of the truck taking him to California, he tries to go after the truck he fell out of. Then when Lighting Mcqueen is about to hit the train coming towards him, the train stops and the camera shows the trains face for a moment, and then you will be able to see the egg on below his face.


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Divinar - Aug 19 2009The "egg" is the train number

Jacob - Jun 27 2008When I tried it on DVD it didn't work. I saw something but couldn't make it out. No matter what I tried.

Pamela - Mar 30 2007I just looked on my DVD and don't see what you are sayin is there. I froze the frame, slow reversed it and slow forwarded it, and never did see this egg.