Cars Pixar Movie - Mini & Van

05 Feb 2007 | Sent in by Neil Sardesai

Skip all the credits and fast forward the great Pixar movie Cars all the way to the end until there are about 55 seconds left. You'll get to see what happens to mini and van (van would be the one who didn't need directions and mini is his wife).

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Divinar - Aug 19 2009 10:42PM If you look closely, they were the first two cars that almost hit Lightning McQueen when he first falls out of Mack!

any - Nov 4 2007 2:47PM you can get that when you watch all the credits too.

insideout - May 5 2007 8:23AM hahaha, yeah this one is true. it almost sounds a little nasty too, with mini moaning at first haha