Cloverfield Teaser Poster - The Creature in the Clouds

Suggested by rawrimdahcloverfieldmonstar. - 05 May 2008

It is best to view this egg on the teaser poster because on the theatrical poster, the "SOMETHING HAS FOUND US" is blocking the egg. Make sure that the poster just shows the Statue of Liberty with her head off and something that says 1-18-08. Look on the top left corner. If you look very closely (or just slightly darken the top or the whole poster), you will see something that looks like the Cloverfied monster (it is referred to as "Clover" by the makers of the movie).

Comments (3)

I think that if you don't darken it it looks like a shark :O Dani - May 3 2009 1:47AM

I haven't seen the movie, but I've Google Image'd Cloverfield...this looks nothing at all like the actual monster. -IMP ;) :) IceMetalPunk - Aug 12 2008 12:11AM

Dude, its the top right corner, not top left dbjhvbvfbfbfhfhf - Jun 29 2008 4:44PM