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Night of the Living Dead Millennium Edition - Monroeville Mall Advert

Suggested by: Shulder, 24 Jul 2010 | Print version

Released on DVD in 2002, the Millennium Edition of the classic Night of the Living Dead (B&W) has a little known hidden Easter Egg.

1. Go to the Special Features/Bonus Materials sections.
2. Select Next for the second page of extra features.
3. Select the Latent Image / Hadrman Eastman Studios section (The History of George Romero's Company).
4. Select Outtakes from The Derelict.
5. When the outtakes begin showing, press the Back arrow button on your remote.

A creepy commercial for Monroeville Mall will play - this is the filming location for Romero's other great 'Dead' movie - Dawn of the Dead.

*Originally discovered by J. Ignacio Perez.

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