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Sims - Motive Fulfiller

Suggested by: Waif, 22 Feb 2003 | Print version

In order to bring your Sim's motives up to completely fulfilled (or "in the green"):

1. Hold down ctrl + shift + c. A grey box will appear in the upper left of the screen with a cursor in it.
2. Type "move_objects on" in the grey box, but without the quotes. Hit enter.
3. Click on the Sim you are working with and bring him down to the "delete" portion of the screen, then click again (as though you were selling furniture).
4. Click on the part of the interface that reveals family members and their stats. The Sim you deleted should have a little red crosshair in the lower right portion of their icon.
5. Click on their icon. The Sim will reappear, with all their motives filled (though Room score may go down shortly afterwards, depending on current surroundings).
6. Hold down ctrl + shift + c and enter "move_objects off" (without quotes) in the grey box to completely return game to normal operating mode.

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This is too difficult.. The easiest way to fill their motives, is: *alt-ctrl-c *typ: maxMotives *press enter *motives are filled that kinda easy is it! -- Hedjuh, Nov 14 2007 11:42AM

you only lose skills earned that day. try using the cheat after midnight (sim time). -- wendy, Aug 12 2007 3:34AM

"This works but your sim loses all skills I believe (if I remeber correctly)." It loses all skills gained since your previous save. To fix this, save the game before you use the cheat. -- Gale, Apr 10 2007 9:13AM

This works but you sim loses all skills I believe (if I remeber correctly). -- Arthur Ramsey, Apr 6 2007 10:45AM

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