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Afterlife - The Diversity Bonus

Suggested by: Waif, 29 Mar 2003 | Print version

1: Set Tempo to Divine Intervention. Make sure the directional arrow is pointing north.

2: Go to Hell; construct a seven-by-seven (in tiles) block of zoning by lining the outsides of this block with road.

3: Lay down zoning in this fashion:
Top tile: green
2nd row (from the top, 2 tiles): yellow
3rd row: orange
4th row: brown
5th row: purple
6th row: red
7th row: blue
8th row: green
9th row: yellow
10th row: orange
11th row: brown
12th row: purple
Bottom tile: red
The center tile should be grayed out.

4: Keeping directional arrow at north, change the Tempo to any other speed. The grid should become a large building.

5: Click on the building's Description for game project leader Michael Stemmle's thoughts on life, the universe, and everything.

Egg also detailed in the Afterlife Player's Guide by Jo Ashburn.

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