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4x4 Evolution - Bus Jump

Suggested by: Doktor Futtocks, 21 Jul 2003 | Print version

This Egg is found in the demo as well as the retail version.

1. Select the 'Junkyard' track.
2. Drive around until you find the gates to the outside. These can be knocked down.
3. Drive straight ahead You will find a paved highway in the desert.
4. Turn right and drive down the road. It will turn into a dirt track curving to the left. Follow this until it turns again and becomes a highway again.
5. Drive down the highway. You will come across two sets of ramps with buses between them for your jumping pleasure.
6. Elsewhere in the desert you can find mud pits deep enough to completely sink in. Don't worry, you can drive out again!

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If you go in Truck Stop 101 and go left and then straight, you find another road -- JK, May 31 2010 10:36AM

how do we play this game you dont have any links in them. -- olivia, Mar 22 2010 2:33AM

To play a bus jump game -- L. Gopalakrishnan, May 21 2008 11:53PM

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