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Stepmania v3.0 - Charmy's

Suggested by: Frosty555, 18 Nov 2004 | Print version

(This easter egg is easier to get if you go into the Machine Options and set the judging difficulty to 1)

1. Start the game, pick a song on heavy with more then 150 steps.
2. While playing, get more then 150 perfects in a row

The Dance Dance Revolution character Charmy will slide in from the right and say "Toasty!!", then slide back out to the left.

* NOTE: On Stepmania v3.9 and higher, this easter egg can be turned off in the options, and also can only be achieved by getting 250 perfects in a row.

* If you get a great anywhere in the stream, the easter egg will not occur even though your combo continues to increase.

* The "Toasty" sound effect and Charmy graphic can be replaced by other graphics/sounds if you use a different theme. For best results use the DEFAULT Stepmania Theme.

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