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Battlefield 1942 - Alien in Church Window

Suggested by: emcc, 09 Mar 2009 | Print version

To find the alien you have to pick the level "Operation Market Garden" And pick the Allied as your team. Then start the game.

When the level has loaded and you've begun the match you must pick the spawningplace that's slightly to the right of the limit between the squares C3 and D3 and spawn there.

When you've landed with your parachute you will see a church and a graveyard in front of you. Enter the church. On one side inside the church there's a large marble statue of Jesus, on the opposite side there's a door. Walk through the door and you should see three stained glass windows.

If you look at the larges of them (the one in the middle) one you should see a picture of Jesus but right behind him on his left side (your right) there's standing a little green man that looks just the way you think of when you hear the word "Alien".

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