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Battlefield 1942 - The Hippie Tank

Suggested by: emcc, 09 Jun 2009 | Print version

Select Axis as your team and open the map Iwo Jima.
After spawning you press the button to open the cheat window. (You need to use these two cheat codes which in combination makes the bots stupid so nobody takes any tank while you are watching it.)
Use these case sensitive cheat codes in this order:
aiCheats.code Jonathan.Gustavsson
aiCheats.code Thomas.Skoldenborg
(note the little space between "code" and the name)

After doing that you must search for a parked tank belonging to the axis. When you find one you will see that it's got three symbols on it. One is a flower and none of them is related to WW2 at all.

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Here is something simple to do, its risky but it could work... Mine or detpack your jeep, drive it as fast as possible to an enemy vehicle get out while going fast and let the jeep carry itself in. if its mines you can leave but if its a detpack be ready to blow it up -- Cloner, Jun 2 2010 8:57AM

Here is a funny thing to try. Play any map, take a jeep then ride as fast as possible to a flakgun, hit it fullspeed, then fly skyhigh. -- Bernard, Feb 3 2010 2:17AM

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