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Super Mario Land - Negative Level

Suggested by: Knuckles-kun, 27 Apr 2001 | Print version

1. In Level 1-2, go to the end with the Bowser Pipe.
2. Jump and break the FIRST TWO bricks. If you break the last one, the trick won't work.
3. Walk until one foot is hanging off the edge of the pipe and jump backwards, holding right.
4. If done correctly, you enter Level -1. An endless water world!!!

If at first you don't succeed, try try again! And, my memory might be a bit rusty... If it doesn't work no matter how many times you try it, try breaking the first brick only.

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i aggree with Alan Redgown56. i'm also wondering if you ever played any super mario games becoase super mario land has nothing to do with the series -- curtis, Nov 2 2009 6:49AM

it works but i think its more a glitch, not an egg -- steve, Mar 15 2008 5:22AM

I think he means level egg as the level's Easter egg. -- Me. What? That's my name. Get over it!, Nov 29 2007 3:52PM

Level egg? Bowser Pipe? What? -- FSX, Mar 24 2007 10:57AM

That's in Super Mario Bros, not Super Mario Land. -- Alan Redgown56, Jan 11 2007 4:37PM

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