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PHP - Secret Pictures

Suggested by: Ron Silver, 05 Aug 2000 | Print version

On any webpage that parses PHP code, add the following lines to the end of the URL for a variety of logos.

?=PHPE9568F36-D428-11d2-A769-00AA001ACF42 (Comic logo, this Easter egg will differ depending on PHP version)
?=PHPE9568F34-D428-11d2-A769-00AA001ACF42 (PHP logo)
?=PHPE9568F35-D428-11d2-A769-00AA001ACF42 (Zend logo)
?=PHPB8B5F2A0-3C92-11d3-A3A9-4C7B08C10000 (PHP credits screen)

On April 1st, the logo present on a phpinfo() derived page will show the comic logo.

Developers can remove these PHP Easter eggs/features via the expose_php directive. See

This feature has been depreciated as of PHP v5.5.0.

PHP - Secret Pictures

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life is complicated -- shyan, Nov 30 2011 10:54AM

its a squiggly php image on php 5 :D -- Lukem_95, Mar 21 2007 1:31PM

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