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Adobe Photoshop 7 - Merling

Suggested by: iknow, 05 Jun 2003 | Print version

1: Make sure you see the layers palette, if not, go to Window then click on Layers.

2: In the top right of the layers palette there is a little arrow pointing to the right.

3: Hold ALT, click the arrow and click on Palette Options.

4. A little window with Merlin and a flower will pop up. The title of the window is "Merlin li...". Makes you want to wonder what the full title is. :-)

When clicking on Palette Options make sure you are still holding ALT and the mouse button.

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The answer to your question is 'Merlin Lives!'. Get the 'Alt+Tab' Powertoy for XP from the MS site and you will see what I mean ;) -- Pel, Sep 22 2008 1:34PM

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