Photoshop Cs - Quotes

10 Jan 2004 | Sent in by Justin Rueth

This egg just shows quotes like in Photoshop 7 but instead of clicking above Mark Hambereg you just click once above the first patent number

To make it work (windows)
1) Hold Ctrl and Alt and click HELP > ABOUT PHOTOSHOP...
2) Above the word "PROTECTED" (in the sentence Protected by US Patents)click once. If the window closed you did it wrong try agian. If nothing happens you did it right.
3)Wait for the scrolling credits to reach the bottom and start over. (Hold ALT to speed this process up)
4) Upon letting the credits start over you should see a bunch of quotes right where you previously clicked flashing before you in a white space.
5) Thats it - enjoy!

Tried with version 8 (CS).

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willo - Mar 29 2010 10:06AM works with photoshop 3 as well