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Windows CE PPC - Win In Solitare Game

Suggested by: Mr. PSB (Victor Bielawski), 17 Feb 2004 | Print version

1. Run Solitaire
2. Verify that the ctrl-shift keys are shown on the keyboard if you are running PSPC or Pocket PC
3. Press Ctrl-Shift-New
4. Go to the back of the top-left deck
5. Keep on double-clicking on the cards that appear.
6. Double-click each card on the lower decks starting from rightmost one. If the cards don't move, start double-clicking the cards in the deck to the left of the one you are double-clicking. If you are at the leftmost deck go back to the rightmost deck.

This works on WinCE 3.1 and below. Tested on ARM and MIPS devices.

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