Microsoft Paint - Times 10 Zoom

Suggested by R. - 05 Apr 2004

Microsoft Windows has a built-in paint program. Ok, everybody knows that. And it has the Zoom Function. The zoom levels are x1, x2, x6, x8. Right. But...x10?!
1: When in the program click File - Open
2: Open any editable bitmap
3: Click the magnifying glass icon
4: Click BELOW the x8 option

Ta-da! You can now edit those fine details with grace

Comments (11)

Five words: Custom Zoom, heard of it? b - May 1 2009 11:51PM

Works on XP. Just like "kit" said. WRonX - Sep 14 2008 5:54AM

thought it wouldnt work but you have to click under the x8 but inside the box that holds the zoom menu. Aslo works with Jpegs so im guessing all other picture formats that you can open in paint will be fine too :) kit - May 26 2008 12:58PM

cool, it works nick - Apr 6 2008 9:26AM

It didn't work in my paint(XP). sudhi - Sep 8 2007 2:42PM

It worked for me on XP, too. Mary - Aug 31 2007 3:46PM

It worked! Not a huge diffrence, but it worked! Yay! Cara! - Mar 21 2007 6:18PM

You need to click a very tiny area for it to work, if it works the zoom options will disappear Vinnie - Mar 16 2007 7:24PM

It worked for me in xp. carl - Mar 10 2007 7:33PM

I don't have a magnifying glass icon, but when I zoom via the menu and try this egg it doesn't seem to work. Dom - Feb 9 2007 7:28PM

Doesn't work for me, it just zooms to 8. a - Feb 4 2007 12:35PM