Winamp 5.03 - Winamp Opacity

10 May 2004 | Sent in by Christy Palachodann

Open Winamp 5+
Type "NULLSOFT" (when u type "L" a open file dialog box appers cancel it)
Now play a Music file
Now try it, I wont say the rest coz the rest yours!!

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Rei - Jun 17 2007 4:04AM It's tested on Modern Skin, not the Classic...

(The Classic Skin would create the main window just like gondel and Boll said, if you do the same thing)

gondel - Mar 24 2007 10:29PM well its work!! hehe.. "IT REALLY WHIPS THE LLAMA'S ASS!"

Boll - Mar 1 2007 2:50PM All I got was a different title at the main winamp window =/. What more is thar?

J0514h - Feb 26 2007 12:07AM Wow... Thats awes!!