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Microsoft Excel - The Killer Bugs

Suggested by: Anon, 29 Apr 2000 | Print version

1: Start a blank Worksheet in office 97.
2: Right click the toll bar and select Customize.
3: Find the Solitaire icon and drag it to the Toolbar.
4: Click OK and Close.
5: Hold down Ctrl, Shift, Alt and click the Solitaire icon.

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In Excel 2000, follow steps 1-2, then click the "Commands" tab, pick "Tools" in the "Categories" box, and scroll to the "Custom" with the blue & red Solitaire icon next to it (not the calculator). Then do steps 3-4, but instead of step 5, just click on the Solitaire button. -- batchiri, Dec 10 2007 3:26AM

wtf is the 'Solitaire button' - I have used Excel for years and NEVER seen a 'solitaire button' -- Baffled, Aug 22 2007 8:41AM

I cant get it to work on 2003 -- J, Jul 24 2007 3:13PM

What is the solitaire button? I have Excel 200. -- Haran, Jun 12 2007 2:51PM

I don't kwon if that is working... because my excel is in Portuguese(Brazil).. I can't find the button mentioned here... -- Marcio, Mar 20 2007 12:41PM

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