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Adobe ImageReady CS - Oh Ducky

Suggested by: pts, 21 Nov 2004 | Print version

1: Open Adobe ImageReady CS
2: Located on the Tools window there should be a picture of two feathers.
3: Hold Alt and then click the image. (It should change to a ship)
4: Hold Ctrl and then click on ship. (The About ImageReady (Taconite) Dialog box opens)
5: Wait appoximately 5 seconds until the credits begin to scroll. As they scroll you can speed them up using the Alt key. (Use the Alt and Space key to really speed them up)
6: Near the end you will see the instructions above and a "Long live the Duck" slogan with two duckies
7: If you want to see more duckies, hold the Ctrl key down and click in the area where the ship is.
8: If you want to remove (shoot) the ducks, hold the Ctrl and Alt key down and put the cursor (sights) on the ducks.
9: Thats all. Enjoy.

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