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Microsoft Excel 97 - Flight Simulator

Suggested by: J.Cory Wright, 29 Apr 2000 | Print version

1. Open a new Excel Worksheet and Press F5.
2. Type in the Go To Reference box "X97:L97" (without quotes) and press OK - or type this into the Name Box and press Return.
3. Press the Tab key once, hold down Ctrl & Shift and left click the Chart Wizard toolbar icon.
4. The game should now start. Use the mouse to move around - L button forward thrust, R button reverse thrust, mouse Up/Down to change pitch angle.
5. Look around carefully to find a Shrine with the programmers messages and the Blue Lagoon!
6. Press Esc to exit.

To run again, you'll need to close Excel and start over again.

Note the flight simulator on modern computers will be very sensitive to mouse movement, so guide the mouse very gently for best effect.

The easter egg is from Microsoft Excel 97 (version 8.0) which is part of the Office 97 suite only released in 1996.

Microsoft Excel 97 - Flight Simulator

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doesnt work on 2003 -- HALAYOO, May 19 2010 5:24AM

don't work on 2003 -- man of sence, Feb 25 2009 11:38AM

Yeah i remember playing around with this one when I was younger. defiantly did work, but its a '97 thing -- simon, Apr 18 2008 4:06PM

It works fine in 97, uppercase letters with out the quotes. -- Decrep, Nov 9 2007 6:00PM

it does work; we still got 97 at the office!!!! only the machines are too fast naturally -- peet, Sep 4 2007 2:50AM

use 97 version FFS it worx -- blabla, Sep 4 2007 1:12AM

it does work, but you need excel '97 -- Atererus, Jul 10 2007 6:32AM

yeah, doesnt work, comes up with wizard and nothing happends -- Josiah, Jun 28 2007 9:26PM

it's not working! It only made a bar chart on mine..... -- doctor, Jun 27 2007 2:09PM

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