2.0 - StarWars Game

04 Dec 2005 | Sent in by JevidL

In any cell type in =Game("StarWars"). A small, space invaders style game will appear.

This game appears to be the same as the egg reported for star office. It was tested on linux, with 2.0.

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Marc - Oct 30 2009 11:03AM 3.1 for Windows has it too. In German.

bit2 - Sep 4 2008 3:35AM It is also present in OO2.3 winXP

TesterManiac - Mar 25 2008 5:40PM I tried and works too (BrOffice) but when I wanna play new and again it display "oh no, not again"
So, this game was in a foreing lenguage!!!

Si - Nov 14 2007 12:47PM Works with OO 2.2 on Windows XP :D