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uTorrent - Hidden Tetris Game

Suggested by: �Torrent fanboy, 28 Mar 2006 | Print version

In the help -> About box, press the T key.

It's tetris! Use the arrow keys to control, and see if you can beat your previous high score.

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These �Torrent eggs are cool! -- Jones, Mar 29 2007 5:19AM

also, try pressing all the alphabets on your keyboard (except T) then finally pressing'll get your high score and a coloured tiled rectangle -- chris, Mar 27 2007 1:13AM

You can also click the uTorrent logo to hear a THX sound. -- Vinnie, Mar 16 2007 6:29PM

nice egg!! :D -- j0514h, Mar 12 2007 1:37AM

what help box -- gamer111678, Feb 24 2007 3:56PM

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