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Firefox - Working Sink

Suggested by: Nitz, 14 Jan 2007 | Print version

In earlier version of Firefox (verified with v2.0), enter "about:kitchensink" [no quotes] in the location bar. Whoever is responsible for this, has my approval.

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Typing "about:kitchensink" or any variation on that simply does an I'm Feeling Lucky Google search on the phrase and brings up the following page: You do not need any extensions, or anything. Heck, you don't even need Firefox! -- Timothy, Jan 8 2011 2:37PM

What is everybody saying about the extra extensions needed and the space or : :S Not neccessary at all! Just type in the addressbar: aboutkitchensink nothing else... -- Dempsey, Sep 9 2010 6:59AM

you can turn the tap on or off by clicking next to it -- steve, Aug 21 2010 8:28PM

What this is actual doing is doing a "I'm Feeling Luck" google search on it. If you go to google and search "about kitchensink" the first result is the mozilla page thats displayed. The google toolbar is what makes the address bar do it. -- Geo, Nov 14 2008 1:51PM

I didn't have to install anything just left the colon out and typer "about kitchensink" in the address bar without the "s" -- Chris, Aug 27 2008 2:50AM

Works with 3.0b5 on mac "about kitchensink" no quotes w/the space -- The Face, Apr 8 2008 1:11PM

Does not work on version Firefox/ -- John the scripter, Apr 8 2008 10:29AM

omg, I just read this to my girlfriend to try and she typed "aboutspacekitchensink" *sigh* -- Dan, Mar 30 2008 1:29PM

Apparently "about kitchensink"(no quotes) works if you have Google toolbar installed. Those whose kitchen sink doesn't work, you might want to try using Google toolbar (from some website it says that it's the "I'm feeling lucky" thing that is doing this) PS: I'm not advertising Google toolbar, if you do not want to install it you can still see the kitchen sink here ( -- Anon, Mar 26 2008 2:06AM

Yup - it works (without any extensions - I don't have any). I have v2.0.0.1 In the location bar, type "about kitchensink" (without the quotes) and it loads this page: Touch the tap. -- Richard, Mar 24 2008 3:59AM works if you leave the :(colon) out...about kitchensink..looks like an old dos program... cool -- Embrionic Newbie, Mar 23 2008 7:09AM

version in url: About kitchensink works -- honey, Mar 20 2008 9:35PM

FF - doesn't work :( -- loge, Jun 13 2007 2:05PM

I'm running FF and I got that message, it's an ASCII art of a kitchensink. You don't have to install any extension for this. -- Nam Vu, Apr 8 2007 1:26AM

This requires an extension, so it's not an Easter Egg, is it? -- Sari Everna, Mar 19 2007 1:59AM

To have about:kitchensink you have to install, kitchensink extension. -- Omal Raj, Feb 3 2007 12:49AM

I am running FireFox Build, I got what jason got.. -- Omal Raj, Feb 3 2007 12:47AM

You have 2 install the firefox add on :p but yeah, cool :) -- Scotty, Feb 2 2007 1:14PM

I have FireFox and you must type in About Kitchensink. -- Miha, Jan 23 2007 2:01PM

Does not work for me either. -- jan, Jan 21 2007 8:22PM

Firefox Says url not valid page cannot load. -- Jason, Jan 19 2007 12:27AM

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