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Internet Explorer Version 7.0 - Hidden Credits in Internet Explorer 7.0

Suggested by: Blazr360 or Cheesecake, 24 Feb 2007 | Print version

Open Internet Explorer 7.0 and type in res://shdoclc.dll/wcee.htm then click Go.
When it loads, a black page appears. Right click and select View Source - it opens in Notepad.
Find in this text: gurjPRR. This will find 2 lines of text including If and DecodeStr. Highlight and delete them.
Now save this text file as: wcee[1].html
Open the HTML file you saved and it will show fast scrolling credits about the staff and developers who made IE 7.

Comments | 7"TheWCEE";location.href="res://shdoclc.dll/wcee.htm" That does work, you can also pause it by right clicking. -- Cursed Reikon, Apr 16 2010 6:10AM

Actually, it's IE-4 credits. They just left it there. Plus, you can edit the HTML code to make it go slow.... -- Cosman246, Dec 6 2008 8:52AM

Does not work in Vista -- Tom.Slick, Apr 27 2008 2:57AM

googled a bit."TheWCEE";location.href="res://shdoclc.dll/wcee.htm" it will open the page without the block, without even the need of editing the html file -- thedicemaster, Mar 16 2008 1:47PM

nerketur's way is far more elegant, and also the rare one on the whole web. -- r+, Feb 22 2008 8:56AM

works with IE ver 6.0XXX -- ]ceman, Nov 24 2007 5:28AM

That works, though what that statement IS saying is "If isn't 'TheWCEE', then return, and do nothing. So, there is another way. At the very beginning of the file, look for the script tag. Below that line, type:"TheWCEE" And presto, it works. No searching neccesary. -- Nerketur, May 5 2007 11:47PM

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