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Mozilla Firefox 3.0 - about : robots

Suggested by: Anon, 21 Jun 2008 | Print version

In Firefox 3.0+, type "about:robots" into the address bar to get the fun page of robotic references.

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And the last item on the list is a reference to Bender's famous quote from Futurama: "Bite my shiny metal ..." -- Kyle, Apr 11 2009 8:03PM

If you check the page source, you can get a link to Note the words "keymaster" and "gatekeeper". These are references to the Ghostbusters movie, in particular to the scene in which Dana tells Venkman "There is no Dana, there is only Zuul." -- Ghostbusters fan, Feb 13 2009 11:52AM

Press the "try again" button -- John D'oh!, Sep 1 2008 6:15PM

The title of that page is a reference to the film "The Day The Earth Stood Still". -- SpeedySurfer, Aug 1 2008 5:12PM

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