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Skype - The Skype Cat

Suggested by: Anon, 24 Aug 2008 | Print version

In any chat window, simply hold down the letter S, K and L keys all at the same time to see the cute animated cat next to your username. This is famously known as the Skype Cat.

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Hold a, s, l Down and don't send it, then you can see it -- Sunny, Mar 29 2013 6:27AM

The Skype Cat is a good reason to stop using Skype -- Steve Smith, Jun 3 2012 11:42AM

that's sooooo cute X'D me and friend tried to figure it out for HOURS we called it the haunted kitty of poobah. we tried (cat) (pet) (kit) (kitty) nothing worked then i see the story behind it. -- murph, May 2 2012 10:53AM

You can hold as many other keys down as want, doesnt matter wht they are, as long as you hold L down with them. -- Sonja, Apr 2 2012 1:10PM

I cant do it... does it work on macs? -- INdy, Mar 27 2012 8:01AM

Just hold down the keys on your keyboard! -- Jacko, Mar 2 2012 8:49AM

how to do a,s,l? -- Karen, Mar 1 2012 10:30PM

Are there any more icons that can come out like this? -- Shivani, Feb 28 2012 6:44AM

you can hold a,s,l down -- metro, Jan 24 2012 8:24PM

(drunk) -- paris hunt, Jan 4 2012 1:59PM

Is there only a certain amount of times you can do this? I used it a lot - drove my gf's nuts as none of them can figure it out. Now I can't replicate it anymore. Thanks -- Dionne, Dec 16 2011 3:00PM

I think it changes with each update. I use version 5 and had to figure out again. This helped: -- me, Mar 4 2011 2:29AM

really nice. i was chatting with my friend and said 'wow, whats with that cat!?'. i didnt know his cat was really just walking over the keyboard and so he thought i might have gone nuts :-) "paw-like activity" is really cute, and i like that it found its way to skype.. though my cats prefer to sleep on keyboard with full body. anyways, nice to have met roley. thanks! -- bee, Dec 29 2010 5:49PM

i was really surprised when the cat emoticon kept coming up when my friend and i were just randomly typing things on skype (we were bored so we were sort of having a "mix up random letters" contest) but now i found out why it kept coming up so its fine! -- jen, Dec 24 2010 12:50PM

Here is the story of what that cat is and how it came into being. That cat is what we called internally the "cat walking on keyboard" indicator. He is modelled after my cat Roley, who sadly died a few years ago. The Skype client displays him when it reads some "paw-like activity" walking across your keyboard. Those of you with cats can probably picture your cat strutting its stuff across your keyboard as you read this. Yes it is quite possibly the coolest non-feature ever. -- Richard, Oct 11 2010 3:54AM

Holding down any three or more "close" letter keys at the same time cause a two-hands typing icon to appear, indicating that the user is smashing the keyboard. Holding down three or more keys with at least one "far enough" causes the cat icon to appear, indicating that the keys are being held down as if by a cat walking on the keyboard. Note 1: "close" and "far enough" has nothing to do with adjacency, as some keys not "touching" each other are recognized by Skype as belonging together. Note 2: because of the way most keyboards are built, aiming at reducing their price (not that they would be a single cent more expensive nowadays if they were designed differently), some keys cannot be held down at the same time, because the encoding circuitry in them gets "confused", so not all combinations can be used to trigger Skype's special multikey typing icons. -- Cyberknight, Jul 9 2010 11:34AM

Dear Clara, I will tell what does cat has to do with writing! My kittens are so IT specialized :-D that they always want to "chat" while I am chatting with my friend on skype, co they walk through the keys, write something and go away. But today my kitty went through the keys and I and my friend saw the cat emoticon, we were so surprised, because we use skype quite often and we havent seen it yet! But thanks to my smart kitty I know how to write it. But I had to search for it maybe for one hour! :-D Best regards from the Czech republic and thank you for this explanation of this cat emoticon.. :) bye -- lenia, Jun 22 2010 3:18AM

For me it happens when I hold down 3 letters...It's creepy!! What does a cat have to do with typing??? -- Clara, Jun 18 2010 8:08AM

It works with any combination of any three non-adjacent letters on the key board held down for more than a second. -- Jizzle, Feb 14 2010 6:12PM

it works with any letter -- lol, Feb 3 2010 2:17PM

Actually it pretty much appears while holding any 3 alphabets ;] -- Lawl, Sep 14 2009 1:35PM

It appears with any two alphabets + l -- bit2, Sep 4 2008 10:22AM

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