VLC Media Player - Christmas Hat

Suggested by Bob C - 19 Dec 2008

Around the 19th of December, the VLC media player for Windows will show a Christmas hat along with the iconic 'Cone' logo.

Using the Systray option will also show the Christmas icon in the tray area too. Found with VCL version 0.9.8a.

Comments (4)

on ubuntu as well phonixor - Dec 21 2008 6:05PM

Yeah, it is really cute. When I noticed the Christmas hat on the screen, it made me smile :) Thanks, the VLC dev. team and Merry Christmas to you all. yimai - Dec 20 2008 3:45AM

Ha I noticed this today too. I have VLC 0.9.4 Darryl - Dec 19 2008 5:23PM

For being such an Easter Egg this was well in plain sight. Still pretty nice of the VLC dev. team! [E] eddie thieda - Dec 19 2008 2:39PM