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Google Earth - Meliza Chatbot on Mars

Suggested by: emcc, 22 May 2009 | Print version

You need the desktop version of Google Earth for this to work.

First thing, switch to Mars View (select View/Explore/Mars from the top menu).

When Mars appears in the program, you'll need to search for "the face on mars" without the quotes. You will be sent to a black and white image of the famous face on Mars but a little to the south west of the face there is a little image of a robot head and a caption that says MELIZA. Click the robot head or the caption and a chatbot will appear.

This chatbot (also called chatterbot) is a program designed to look like a chat session. When you write something in the text box, it searches through its database for best-guess reply giving the appearance of an AI.

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Meliza is not very smart, with limited things to say. -- Jack, Apr 7 2011 1:31PM

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