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Microsoft Excel 2000 - Spy Hunter

Suggested by: Anon, 04 May 2000 | Print version

1: Open Excel.
2: In a blank worksheet, select "Save as" and choose "Save as web page".
3: Click on Publish and Add interactivity.
4: Save as any name you like.
5: Load in the page with MS Internet Explorer, Excel will appear in the webpage.
6: Go to row 2000 Column WC
7: Highlight all of row 2000 and press Tab to make column wc the active column.
8: Hold the keys Ctrl, Alt, Shift and click on the Office Icon.
9: Phew..
10: Enjoy the egg!

Use the arrow keys to drive your car.
The "0" key to drop paint slicks.
The spacebar to shoot.
The "H" key for headlights.
NOTE: you need DirectX for this to work.

Comments | 5

I dont get it, followed all the steps, pressed row 2000 so evrything was highlighted, pressed ctrl alt shift and pressed the office icon in the upper left corner, but still it didnt work -- Koolen, Apr 18 2008 1:18AM

This works fine. rey, use 'page down' to get to 2000. Nice little easter egg...I dont think the game ends... -- Donny, Sep 24 2007 11:51AM

i can't go to row 2000 it will take forever, can someone please tell me how to go to that column quickly? -- rey, Jul 16 2007 7:52AM

I'm not exactly a computer whizz and when I tried it it kinda threw me a bit so it didn't work can u plz edit it and make it a bit clearer. ty -- doctor, Jun 27 2007 2:21PM

This does work really well but does the game ever end? -- Adam, Mar 8 2007 6:12AM

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