Windows NT - Help File

13 Oct 2000 | Sent in by Peter Rease

1. Select Help from the start menu.
2. Click Find.
3. Click Options.
4. Select the first check box.
5. Select "begin with the characters you typed".
6. Click OK.
7. Type this in the top box "Who knows who built this tool?".
8. Hold down Ctrl, Shift and click the Clear Button.
9. Now click Options & select the radio button titled "At least one of the words you typed".
10. In the "Show words that" box select list, choose "contain the characters you type" then click OK.
11. In the Find tab, type in "The Shadow knows!".
10. Hold down Shift, Ctrl and click the clear button.
12. You will see the Easter egg spring to life.
13. Phew!


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