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Worldcraft 2.2 - Big Speaker

Suggested by: jcski713, 15 Nov 2000 | Print version

1: In Worldcraft 2.2, open a new window, create a rectangular brush 128x128x128.
2: Right click on it and go to properties, in properties give it the name "Big Speaker"
3: Apply the origin texture to the top and bottom faces of the cube, and apply the AAA texture to the remaining faces.
4: Add an info-player-start and a light.
5: Compile the map and play it.
6: In the map you will see a giant speaker and if you hit your "use" key on it, it will play a disturbed song backwards.
7: Have fun with this one.

It really doesnt matter which version you use, but it is highly recommended you compile with worldcraft, but run the map from the console in Half-Life. Also check all the properties of your info-light.

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