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Word 2003 - Typing Exercise

Suggested by: Anon, 13 Mar 2001 | Print version

1. Open a blank Word document in Microsoft Word 2003
2. Type "=rand(200,99)" without quotes
3. Press enter
4. Now wait and see what happens...

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It works with any numbers in the brackets, also there are gaps in the lines every page. -- Eggy, Feb 4 2008 9:50AM

in Portuguese (Br): A ligeira raposa marrom ataca o c�o pregui�oso. cool!! -- rafaelartemis, Nov 22 2007 11:10AM

is it meant 2 say the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog? Coz mine sez On the Insert tab, the galleries include items that are designed to coordinate with the overall look of your document. You can use these galleries to insert tables, headers, footers, lists, cover pages, and other document building blocks. When you create pictures, charts, or diagrams, they also coordinate with your current document look. You can easily change the formatting of selected text in the document text by choosing a look for the selected text from the Quick Styles gallery on the Home tab. You can also format text directly by using the other controls on the Home tab. Most controls offer a choice of using the look from the current theme or using a format that you specify directly. To change the overall look of your document, choose new Theme elements on the Page Layout tab. To change the looks available in the Quick Style gallery, use the Change Current Quick Style Set command. Both the Themes gallery and the Quick Styles gallery provide reset commands so that you can always restore the look of your document to the original contained in your current template. over and over and it fild 458 pages!!! -- irule, Nov 7 2007 10:30AM

Micro$oft actually admit this: So, it's not really an Easter egg... -- cpm, Oct 24 2007 2:47PM

It works with any number in the brackets, and the no. changes the amount of sentences there are! The Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog uses every letter in the alphabet 2! -- lanbod, Jul 4 2007 12:56PM

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. lol cool -- gtmstr, Apr 29 2007 2:35PM

That was very interesting! I enjoyed the message that was displayed. :) -- Tammie, Apr 24 2007 12:24PM

very nice tool -- virender, Mar 6 2007 12:06AM

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