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Microsoft Word 2000 - Rocky and Bill Gates

Suggested by: Swiss, 01 Dec 2001 | Print version

In Microsoft Word 2000 type Bill Gates
then perform a spell check - Office Assitant (choose Rocky) will do something cute.

If it doesn't work the first time, try spelling checking a few times.

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anyone know how to do this on word 2007? -- nottellinyou, May 20 2012 2:50PM

u can just right click on rocky and then left click on animate -- Aynonomus, Oct 29 2007 2:45AM

rt click on the office Assistant then you can choose Rocky -- kc, Oct 23 2007 4:41PM

COol! (btw press F7 for spellcheck shortcut) -- batman, Sep 4 2007 6:16AM

I cant get rocky, ive only got paperclip guy, all I got was a close up of his face -- doctor, Jun 27 2007 2:16PM

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