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WordPro - Possum Maze

Suggested by: BeckyWeckyWoo, 23 Feb 2002 | Print version

1. Start WordPro
2. Select 'Help', then 'About WordPro'
3. On the yellow 'Lotus WordPro' banner at the top, click on the 'P' in 'WordPro'
4. Click on either 'O' in 'WordPro'
5. Click twice on the 'S' in 'Lotus'
6. Click the 'U' in 'Lotus'
7. When the possum comes out and sits down, click on its bum, right next to its tail
8. If you did it in the right spot, an M&M will appear
9. Click on the M&M and a screen will pop up
10. Use the arrow keys to move around in the maze

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