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See Google's answer to quenching your thirst for knowledge:

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Looks like a viral marketing campaign for Gmail. The 'cap' thing and limited release refers to the invite only way of getting Gmail accounts, especailly a few years ago when people were even selling account invites on ebay for a few bucks each. Also the 'chemical compound' on the amazon jungle page looks like 'Gmail'. I don't think it's a riddle at all and most of the techno jargon said is just chemical or technical puns. Still really intresting. -- Veev, Dec 2 2007 1:25PM

this is actually a riddle to attract new potential google employees.... If you get come up with the answer then you may be smart enought to land a job at google -- english, Aug 2 2007 9:18AM

That is actually a patent! -- lzbd, Jul 4 2007 2:47PM

Thats funny. Tee Hee -- doctor, Jun 27 2007 2:00PM

Jesus, this better be a joke. How weird. -- Eli, Jun 5 2007 3:44PM

god i hope its a joke -- your mom, May 8 2007 3:45PM

One of their April Fool jokes -- Alan, Apr 1 2007 10:22AM

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