2009 Great Xmas Gadget Gifts Under $50

The 2009 EggHeaven guide to gadget gifts under $50 for friends and family. Each item has been personally chosen by the editor for its coolness, 'must-have' factor and best-value price. Stated prices are correct at the time of publication.

Animal Clock

Dog And Cat Animal Clock. A very attractive and decorative animal themed wall clock for the home. Each hour chimes with the sound of a dog or cat (depending on the version ordered). The hours are represented by the Labrador Retriever at Noon, followed by the Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever etc. Has a built-in night sensor to turn off sounds at dark. Requires three AA batteries.

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Anti-Gravity Top

Anti-Gravity Spinning Top. This 'Levitron' magnetic anti-gravity top is great fun setting up as is to watch in motion. Just use the included weights to adjust the perfect balance, spin the top and slowly lift the lifter (with top on it) until the top escapes the platform and release! Voila - a top levitating in mid air. Depending on how well you set it up, it will spin up to five full minutes. Novel and great fun for all! Comes with a full instruction sheet & Levitron Physics guide.

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Epoch Alarm Clock

Epoch Alarm Clock. Reminiscent of the Rosetta Stone, this multi-format alarm clock helps you convert between different numbering systems. Being able to converting a time like C:2B into 12:43 (while others stare blankly) makes it clear you are a human possessing superior number skills! Like the enigmatic monolith from 2001, this clock will appear only as a mysterious geometric shape to those of inferior intelligence. Great for learned teens and technical minded persons alike.

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lightning Storm Globes

Desktop Lightning Storm Globes. As used in the movie Star Trek First Contact, these luminglas lightning globes respond to sound or touch to give spectacular arrays of lightning-style light. Turn off the lights and experience a dance of super-energy reflecting around the room. A great gadget gift for a desk or in the bedroom. Comes in blue, or an alien looking white. Supplied with a desk stand.

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Mind Hacks Book

Book: Mind Hacks. Mind Hacks is a collection of probes into the moment-by-moment workings of the brain. Learn tricks and tips on vision, motor skills and more. Among 100 hacks featured include:
* See movement when all is still
* Detect sounds on the margins of certainty
* Boost memory by using context
* And many other fascinating hacks...

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360 Tetris Game

Motion Sensing 360 Tetris Game. The classic game now enhanced with the latest motion-detection technology for interactive gameplay. Rather than pressing keys to move the Tetris blocks into place, you alter their direction simply by tilting or turning the handheld console, allowing blocks to be dropped on any side of the monochrome LCD grid. Three game modes and 15 levels provide hours of fiendishly addictive play. For one player. Includes two AAA batteries. Ages 8 and up.

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Cramp Free Pen

Cramp Free Aluminum Pen. A stylish ballpoint pen that eliminates the cramp normally associated with holding traditional pens for long periods. Made of sturdy aluminum with a high-gloss chrome finish, the ergonomic pen has rubber grips on three sides for your index finger and thumb, ensuring reliable, relaxed and smooth writing for both left and right-handed writers. Includes two black ink refills, aluminum clip, storage belt-case and desktop stand that serves as a paperweight.

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Personal Picture Puzzle

Personalized Photo Puzzle. This custom jigsaw puzzle comes personalized with a reproduction of a personal photograph. Simply send in your photo or as a JPEG image to the manufacturer (mailing instructions are included) and a 408-piece jigsaw puzzle kit is created from 80-point pasted chipboard that is twice the thickness of typical puzzles. The puzzle kit arrives gift boxed. Makes a great gift anytime.

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50 Classic War Movies

50 Classic War Movies DVD Collection. Quality DVD collection of 50 feature films that enlists Oscar screen legends such as Randolph Scott, David Niven and Montgomery Clift to celebrate the heroism and capture the realities of war. Most of the films were shot during WWII and postwar years, providing a historical context that will appeal to war movie fans & relatives of older generations. The movies have been digitally remastered onto 12 double-sided DVDs. Total running time: almost 70 hours.

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iPone Desktop Charger

Phone/PDS Desktop Chargers. No need to fiddle around with wires and charging devices when you can use a sleek Desktop Charger cradle for your Phone or PDA. The item featured here is for the Apple iPhone and conveniently synchronize and change your phones battery via the supplied USB cable and power lead simultaneously.

Browse desktop charges for other devices & mobile phone gifts under $50.

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